We make it easier for you to
save time and money!
MoolahPlus is an easy to use Money Tracking Application with insightful reporting
Here’s how it works!
Secure Access
Securely link to your bank and investment accounts and download all transactions.
We Do The Work For You
Transactions are categorized automatically but are still editable. You can also add notes to individual transactions.
Everything At A Glance
View your dashboard and brilliant reports and charts that clearly answer your most important questions; such as how much you spent on individual expenses; what you owe on your lines of credit; or what is the trend in your household expenses etc.
With Better Information and Sound Financial Advice
You now have actionable information, gathered with minimal time and effort, to allow you to adjust your spending habits. Couple that with following our common-sense financial advice and you should have more time and money for the people that matter most. And that includes you!
Now with more time and money you can...
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